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Lean Zone® Sub-Assembly Lean,Manufacturing,Game,Lego,Simulation,Helicopter
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This simulation takes a look at the difficulties of complex products that are unable to be produced in just one area of a factory. Many times, there is miscommunication between separate workstations and final assembly; leading to incorrect or defective parts causing an increase in scrap and WIP (Work in Progress). The Lean Zone Sub-Assembly will help your team understand how important synchronized scheduling, cellular design, and visual controls can really be in any work place. The simulation...

Lean Zone® Production Methodologies Lean,Manufacturing,Game,Lego,Simulation,Airplane
Price: $765.00
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Lean Zone Item #: S2500 -

Lean Zone® Production Methodologies, a cellular manufacturing simulation, has been sold to over 28 countries, and is widely used by Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations, including Bell Helicopter, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Lockheed-Martin, Black & Decker, and Eastman-Kodak as a vital training tool. Lean Zone® Production Methodologies helps break down employees' natural resistance to change, making it a practical and entertaining way to introduce new concepts, open constructive...

Lean Zone® Production Methodologies Español Lean,Fabricación,Juego,Lego,Simulación,Avión
Price: $765.00
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Lean Zone Item #: S2500-ESP -

Lean Zone® Production Methodologies, una simulación de fabricación celular, se ha vendido a más de 28 países y es ampliamente utilizada por compañías Fortune 500 y otras grandes organizaciones, incluidas Bell Helicopter, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Lockheed-Martin, Black & Decker y Eastman- Kodak como herramienta vital de formación. Las metodologías de producción Lean Zone® ayudan a romper la resistencia natural de los empleados al cambio. Es una forma práctica y entretenida de introducir nuevos...

Lean Zone® Office Lean,Office,game,simulation,Service
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Lean Zone Item #: S3000 -

Lean Zone® Office puts participants to work in a fictional company where they experience change as a positive force by working to improve upon a traditional quotation process. Office processes are composed of individual tasks. These processes are generally developed over many years and normally contain steps that are no longer required. A lean office is one where each of these processes has been evaluated and streamlined for maximum efficiency. Wasted movement is eliminated by locating the...

Lean Zone® Agile Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing, Lean Game, Lean Lego, Lean Simulation, Lean Airplane
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Lean Zone Item #: S2800 -

Productivity decreases, but using the current assembly line to produce multiple products saves a large capital investment for the company. Within the simulation the old version of the airplane becomes a commodity and profits drop substantially, while airplanes with style modifications command higher prices. You can moderate a discussion about how relatively small changes can improve plant efficiency, reduce capital investment and improve employee attitude. The complete kit is only $165. We...